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50 States Road Trip – Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has a load of hidden gems for tourists of all ages to enjoy, whether you have young children looking to visit some famous theme parks, you’re a budding artist looking for inspiration, or if you just really love Spam, Minnesota has it all.


Nickelodeon Universe

Fancy a shopping trip and a half? hire a car and drive down to the Mall of America, located in the city of Bloomington, for a shopping experience like no other. A leading centre in retail, entertainment and attractions, Mall of America has a huge range of top brand shops, restaurants and cinemas. Plus it is also home to the Nickelodeon Universe, a unique theme park located inside the centre of the Mall.

Nickelodeon Universe

The park is a huge seven acres filled to bursting with unique attractions, entertainment and Nickelodeon characters. A number of themed rides will have your kids laughing and begging for more. Let them meet their favourite characters at character meet and greets, and get some fantastic souvenirs from the Nickelodeon gift shop. Plus there is always the rest of the mall to explore, if you wanted to leave Mum or Dad to watch the kids for a bit!

Franconia Sculpture Park

For a real hidden gem, why not drop by the Franconia Sculpture Park in the St. Croix River Valley region of Minnesota. It is a not-for-profits arts organization that encourages the participation of famous artists and sculptors across the globe in its 25 acre park in Minnesota. These artists will receive either a ‘fellowship’ or an ‘internship’ where they are given a budget, studio space, tools for creating the artwork and on site housing so that they can create their own masterpiece within the parks boundaries.

During your tour of the park you will meet artists at work, finished creations and artists in residence who are more than happy to answer your questions. It is a one of a kind  engaging, artistic experience.

Museum of Spam

Spam_wallHave you always dreamed of visiting a place where Spam reigns above all? Well now you can by visiting the National Museum of Spam, located in Austin! Packed with important information about the nations favourite blended meat, the Spam Museum includes a World War II Spam Exhibit, a Monty Python Spam Tribute, plus a gift shop where you can purchase every variety of Spam available on the market.

The Spam Museum is the self named most comprehensive collection of spiced pork artefacts all located under one meaty roof. Plus, admission is free! What more could you want, apart from maybe a fork…

Next Stop:

Our next destination in the 50 states is ‘America’s Dairyland’ made famous for its dairy producers and many different types of cheese. We are of course, talking about the state of Wisconsin.