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50 States Road Trip to start the New Year

As we say goodbye to 2013, the sun rises on a brand new year, and we look forward to bringing you all a fun filled year full of travel facts and useful information. We hope you’ll continue to choose penguin for all your travel needs and we are really excited about what 2014 will bring to the table!

So, how about a road trip across the USA?

With 50 states, over 3000 miles of open road and countless landmarks, all you can eat steakhouses and beautiful sunrises, the land of the free has so much to offer to both experienced country hoppers and new travellers. We here at Penguin hope to give you something memorable to do in each state of America, just to see how much culture and tradition you can experience while travelling right from the icy plains of Alaska all the way through to the jagged, rocky coastline of Maine.


The New World

Situated in the Western Hemisphere and covering more than 25% of Earth’s land mass, The United States have a population of nearly 1 billion. Although the Native Americans have settled in The Americas since 40,000 BCE, the modern USA as most people know it was colonised in 1500 from the voyages of Christopher Columbus and became independent on the 4th July 1776.

In a little over 500 years, the USA has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s most powerful and leading continents, paving the way in both technology and culture. However America still pays homage to its humble roots, and is very proud of its heritage, as is shown in its landmarks. From the countless war memorials situated across America to its truly recognisable Hollywood sign in L.A California, America is known for its loud, wild and often beautiful land marks.


What to look forward to

In the coming weeks we will be taking you across America, having a look at some of its iconic views, vistas and points of interest, historically, culturally and geographically, to see what makes America, and road trips across the continent, one of the most beautiful places to visit in the modern world. Whether you are hitchhiking, camping, or on a road trip across America in a hired car, be sure not to miss our upcoming blogs where we go into more detail at what to see when you’re travelling through all 50 States of the USA.

Get your cameras readycamera-and-batteries

As although a lot of these sites have already been documented, no doubt through professional lenses, it is always better to be there and experience the sights for yourself. Make sure to take spare batteries for these are experiences you don’t want to miss!

Where to start?

Normally lists for the 50 states of America are done alphabetically, so we’re going to do something a little different. Starting right in the North West with Washington, we are going to travel in a snaking motion, going across and then down as we visit each state in turn, finally ending up in sunny Florida in the South East.