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Boring Rental Cars? Try Something Different For Your Next Holiday

Nowadays it is incredibly easy to just hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world, so it is not surprising that people are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to holiday, from thrills to natural history to lounging in the sun and more. Sometimes we get so caught up in exploring the four corners of the world that we forget to indulge in the small luxuries.

Why not go out for a drive throughout our own lovely countryside? With so many different makes and models of cars to choose from, whether you want to feel the power beneath your seat, you’re looking for a strong sturdy van to go road tripping with friends, or you’d like to try something a little more classic, there are rental cars available for everyone.

Convertible Sports Car

Convertible car hireWhen the sun is high and you just want to feel the wind rolling through your hair, sometimes there is nothing better than taking a drive out with a convertible sports car. You want something with class, comfort and style, but something that can still hit top speeds so you really feel like you’re racing the sun. With a diverse range of models, a convertible is great for short journeys for when you feel like doing not much of anything except burning rubber with the top down.

Not much compares to the open air driving experience and car rental companies will often bend over backwards in order to provide you with a number of extra features designed to enhance your drive and make your experience completely unforgettable.

Minivan for Road Trips

MinivanWhether you have a small group of really close friends, or you socialise with a club or fraternity, a road trip is widely considered to be a classical, inexpensive holiday that you can enjoy with friends. Minivans are perfect for just such road trips as they can hold several people and some minivans available for hire even have extra facilities akin to small coaches, such as portable toilets, re-purposed seats into beds and even a speaker system!

All you’ll need is a map, some drinks to keep everyone going and a cooler full of snacks for the trip. Take a tour round the country to see various points of interest, or just hit the back roads and country roads, enjoying the music in the car and your friends by your side. The choice is up to you!

There are great tips, games, etc., atĀ www.momsminivan.com

4 x 4 Off-road Drive

4x4If you’re a trekker, a hiker or a campsite junky, a 4×4 could be the perfect rental car for you with its off-road capabilities. From the rocky roads of the African Outback to the hilly terrain of the countryside slightly closer to home, a 4×4 is perfect if you want to get off the beaten track and have some truly wild adventures. Set up camp in the middle of the desert, or find a secluded spot tucked up in the Smoky Mountains and have some off-road fun with a huge range of SUV’s or compact four wheel drive vehicles.

Hiring a 4×4 by yourself and going on a solo adventure or with friends is commonly known as ‘Green Laning’ and has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years. There are websites dedicated solely to giving you information on the best (legal) areas. There is plenty of advice out there, so why not get started on planning your off-road adventure?

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Whatever your reason for hiring a car for your next holiday, make sure to do your research before you book a car. Look into reputable agencies and read reviews before you decide to hire from a certain company, as although you may be able to get a refund after your holiday, you certainly won’t get your time wasted back if you’re stuck in another country with a beaten down SUV to go off-roading in!